%firstName%, he was just a BABY.

Animals Australia BREAKING: slaughterhouse exposed for cruelty finally shuts down

Baby dairy calf

%firstName%, I'll never forget the moment I first saw this little dairy calf -- recorded through the lens of a hidden camera. He could barely walk and already he was facing the most confronting moment of any farmed animal's life...

While his mother would have been grieving for her missing baby back on the farm, on 'dairy calf slaughter day' at Riverside Meats he was lined up behind other 'economically worthless' babies to be killed en masse. But not before they were stabbed, burned, and beaten first...

I'm only glad his mother couldn't hear his little cries for help. Through tears I continued to watch as he was sent down the botched slaughter line, paralysed but fully conscious, to the man whose thankless job it was to slit his throat.

I watched and catalogued over 1,000 harrowing videos from this slaughterhouse. Each documenting the uniquely traumatic last moments of scared, confused animals, whose only 'crime' was to be born a species valued only for what their bodies can produce.

%firstName%, today I can reassure you that not another scared baby calf will set foot in this place.

Not another cow will languish at the bottom of the 'knocking box', still 'awake' after having her skull smashed with a captive bolt. Never again will a terrified pig agonise for minutes in that same awful box as she is mocked and bludgeoned with ineffective stunning equipment before being shot in the head, twice.

With abuse this shocking, you may think that justice has now been served. That a two-and-a-half-year cruelty investigation, multiple formal complaints, and 90,000 people calling for action would be enough to rightly shut this place down. But %firstName%, there was one last shock awaiting us...

The closure of Riverside Meats in Victoria this week turned out to have nothing to do with the ongoing cruelty investigation. Instead, it was all about low profits and disputes with workers. The stark reality is that extreme animal abuse alone is not, seemingly, 'enough' to close down slaughterhouses like this.

I'm relieved, as I'm sure you are, that the daily horrors meted out to animals behind these walls is now finally over. But for every other wall we cannot see behind, for every other animal whose fear and terror is just as real, our work continues.

And for them -- I am grateful. I'm grateful to have the privilege to work on behalf of these animals every day. I'm so very grateful to the brave investigators and whistleblowers who risk everything to reveal the truth. Grateful to Animals Australia donors who fuel our team's lifesaving work. Grateful to the 100,000 Australians who have requested a free Vegetarian Starter Kit from us since this cruelty was first exposed -- saving millions of animals from places not unlike this...

Our world is full of caring people. People who choose not to look away. People whose actions are making this world a kinder place for animals, every day.

Thank you %firstName% for being one of them.
Karen Karen
Karen Nilsen
Communications Director

P.S. This short video shows a tiny glimpse of what authorities deemed 'not shocking enough' on its own to shut down Riverside Meats. Please share it with other caring people to help raise much needed awareness on behalf of farmed animals.

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