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Animals Australia - battery hen

OK I admit it. I'm scared.

%firstName%, I've just stepped out of Channel 10 studios after doing a live TV interview on behalf of 11 million battery hens.

And you know what scared me the most? Not the cameras. Or the lights.

It was the realisation that so many Aussies don't know that hens are still locked in cages. That's scary, because the Government is expecting us all to have our say on the battery cage right now -- but they won't know how strongly people feel about battery cage cruelty ... if so many of us think this problem is 'fixed'.

There are just days left to convince decision makers that we all want battery cages banned. So right now we're ramping up our public awareness campaign. When people realise that most hens raised in Australia can't walk or even stretch their wings, they're shocked. Right now we can turn that shock into pure action. So, we're dreaming big. Can you imagine ... 100,000 public submissions calling for an end to caged cruelty? I can.

With your help we'll make this dream a reality -- right now. Please chip in $10 today, and help us broadcast an online nationwide plea for mercy.

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Battery hens have suffered long enough.

Let's make this moment count.

For the animals,
Jesse Marks
Director of Farmed Animal Advocacy

P.S. It was so amazing to get the word out for battery hens today -- with the help of the wonderful panel at Studio 10. With your help, we can send this message of compassion even further.

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